Troy Goodall


Troy finds the photo in everything. Sure, he can shoot the perfect studio shot, or create the impossible from different elements. That’s not unique. But, you can throw Troy into 8ft surf with a floating rig that doesn’t float and shadowy sub-aquatic shapes that may or may not be sharks, and he will get the shot. Send him into an equally treacherous on-set environment working around a prima-donna director and he’ll get the shot. You’ll know you are asking the ridiculous, and the conditions seem impossible, and the lighting is wrong, but he comes back with the shots.

Troy has won numerous awards throughout his career including Gold at Cannes, Award, Oneshow, IPA (International Photography Awards) for Conceptual Advertising, Axis and has for several years been selected as one of the Top 200 Best Advertising Photographers Worldwide by Lurzer’s Archive.

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